BORG members to present at ISMB 2018

‚ÄčThree members of the Bio-Ontology Research Group (BORG) will be presenting their work at the International Society for Computational Biology conference in Chicago, U.S.A. on July 6-10, 2018:

Sarah Althubaiti will present her work on machine learning and NLP at the Bio-Ontologies session.
Senay Kafkas will present her work on extracting pathogen-disease associations using text mining at the Bio-Ontologies session.
Fatima Zohra Smaili (an affiliated BORG member) will present her work on Onto2Vec at the Bio-Ontologies session.

‚ÄčKAUST assistant professor and BORG principal investigator Robert Hoehndorf will co-organize and chair the Bio-Ontologies session at ISMB.