​Abeer Almutairi, a student under the supervision of Professor Robert Hoehndorf, defended her Master's thesis "Unsupervised Method for Disease Named Entity Recognition" on November 4, 2019.

​Mona Alshahrani a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Professor Robert Hoehndorf Defended her Ph.D. thesis "Knowledge Graph Representation Learning: Approaches and Applications in Biomedicine" 
​Imane Boudellioua defended her PhD thesis
​Representatives from various institutions across Saudi Arabia met to iron out the details of the National Infectious Disease Initiative.
​The two-year project that began in July 2018 is part of the national initiative on infectious diseases to enhance the management of infectious disease outbreaks in the Kingdom.​​
​Two members of BORG will be attending the 17th European Conference on Computational Biology in Athens, Greece.
Maxat developed a computational tool that is able to identify phenotypes that may be associated with a loss (or gain) of function in proteins.
​​Three members of the Bio-Ontology Research Group will be presenting their work at the International Society for Computational Biology conference in Chicago, U.S.A. 
CBRC was awarded three Center Partnership Funds by the KAUST Office of Sponsored Research on April 1, 2018.​
​Two students from the Bio-Ontology Research Group presented their research at  KAUST Research Conference on Big Data Analyses in Evolutionary Biology.
​The postdoctoral researcher will work on the development and application of Artificial Intelligence methods in bioinformatics and computational biology, with a particular focus on combining symbolic AI approaches (e.g., ontologies, knowledge graphs, rule-based systems) with machine learning methods.​​​
​The student will work on combining methods from Symbolic Artificial Intelligence (formal logics, rule-based systems) with machine learning and statistical approaches to data mining, and apply these methods to biomedical datasets. Major application areas include understanding molecular mechanisms underlying traits, phenotypes, and disease, and identifying ways to perturb biological systems through bioactive compounds (drugs).​​​
​Professor Robert Hoehndorf was a guest speaker at the Science to Watch screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He gave a presentation about artificial intelligence and its implications in the movie. 

Professor Robert Hoehndorf will be a guest speaker at the upcoming Science to Watch Film and Forum featuring "2001: A Space Odyssey".
​Ph.D. student Maxat Kulmanov's paper, "DeepGO: predicting protein functions from sequence and interactions using a deep ontology-aware classifier" was recently published in Bioinformatics. ​
​​Meet members of the BORG at ISMB/ECCB this year in Prague. We will present one tutorial on ontologies in biology and biomedicine, one poster presentation at the Bio-Ontologies SIG, one flash talk at the Function SIG, and one oral presentation in the Variant Interpretation SIG.​
​​A new publication by Professor Robert Hoehndorf and Ph.D. student Imane Boudellioua from the Bio-Ontology Research Lab, as well as University of Cambridge collaborator Paul Schofield has been released. Titled "Semantic prioritization of novel causative genomic variants​", this study ​​showcases PhenomeNet Variant Predictor (PVP), a new tool they developed which has the potential to help patients find genetic causes for their undiagnosed diseases​.
We have two openings for PhD student positions available on the interface between Linked Data, ontologies, and machine learning.

Distinguished Professor Takashi Gojobori, Associate Professor Xin Gao and Assistant Professor Robert Hoehndorf spoke about big data and human health at the Sci-Café event held on February 27. Their talk, which was moderated by James Calvin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, aimed to answer the question, "Can Big Data Solve My Health Problems?" This event was open to all members of the KAUST community.
​BORG member and Ph.D. Student Imene Boudellioua won 3rd Prize in the CBRC Student Poster Competition of the recently-held KAUST Research Conference: Computational Systems Biology in Biomedicine. Her winning poster is titled "Semantic Prioritization of Novel Causative Genomic Variants". She received a certificate and a PHOTO CUBE Compact Photo Printer.
Congratulations to Professor Robert Hoehndorf and Postdoctoral Fellow Miguel Angel Rodriguez Garcia for being one of the winners of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative challenge sponsored by Pistoia Alliance, presented in the Ontology Matching Workshop that is co-located with ISWC 2016 in Kobe, Japan. View the official announcement.

Their winning entry, a method entitled "Integrating phenotype ontologies with PhenomeNET" can be found here.

Learn more about PhenomeNET.​​​​

​Professor Robert Hoehndorf recently held a seminar on Symbolic AI in Bioinformatics on September 19, 2016.
​BORG will be present at ECCB. We will present a tutorial on bio-ontologies and their role in analyzing personal genome data, and members of our group will attend the main conference. If you want to learn more about bio-ontologies, please attend our tutorial. If you want to learn more about our work, find us at ECCB!